Friday, February 24, 2012

31 Weeks Pregnant

3 weeks until my maternity leave starts!
9 (likely less) weeks until we meet our little girl!

What's going on with Baby B: She's kicking me in the ribs and bumping me in the cervix at the same time. She is going to be a long baby. She hasn't been moving as much as she had been. She still exceeds the kick count recommendation though. I think she just might be running out of room.

Symptoms: I woke up to a TERRIBLE charley horse last night. It still hurt this evening. I guess I need to be watching my water intake better. I haven't been measuring how much water I drink. I do carry a bottle of water around though. I'm still experiencing all of the same issues as last week. I am working hard on managing everything. I am just glad it is the weekend so I can sleep in, thanks to my hubby. My body feels so stretched. It's so hard to imagine that I am going to get bigger. I was much bigger at the end with Breckin, so I know it's possible.

Cravings: Salty sweet.

Birthday Prediction: April 23rd

Friday, February 17, 2012

30 Weeks Pregnant

It's so nice to get out of the "20 week" part of the pregnancy. I feel like I am finally nearing the end of this pregnancy. I am likely in the single digits of weeks before we meet our little girl. I have decided to go out of work earlier than originally planned. I will be starting my maternity leave in 4 weeks. My first day of leave will be March 19th. That is the earliest that I felt comfortable going out and although most days it is a struggle I think that I can comfortability push myself to this date. The issues that I have been having would be much easier to manage if I wasn't working. I am completely miserable and don't want the remaining two months to be like this and the doctor has expressed that she thinks it's time for me to leave work. I can only be on my feet for short periods of time because of the shin splints, intense pressure, and now extreme pain at the top of my bump (which has to be cause of gravity. I forgot to mention it at the doctors appointment today). I have been trying to sit as much as possible (which isn't easy when you are a teacher), I have been wearing support hose for the shin splints, and belly belt for the pressure and now pain at the top of my bump. I am still managing the headaches and migraines with tea. Thank goodness something so simple took care of that so I didn't have to go on that horrible medicine. I find my days are easier if I at least get a short nap (who's isn't though). On my days off Breckin will allow me to lay down here and there while we play. He is so sweet. I think he can tell when I am getting uncomfortable and he will say "Momma, just lay down." I am so lucky to have such an amazing toddler. It's so hard to believe I am going to love something as much as I love him. I can't wait to meet her.

What's going on with Baby B: My cervix was checked at my doctors appointment today, they have checked it the last three doctors appointments, because of some of the "issues" that I have been having. I wasn't really worried but they wanted to be cautious. I was having a hard time figuring out how high or low she was, considering she is kicking me in the ribs and hitting me in the cervix at the same time, so I asked if she was high. I was told she is at -3 station which isn't low but is lower than most are at this point. I also asked if she was head down and was told that she couldn't tell for sure but based on what she could feel, and the shape of my stomach that she thinks that she is head down. Her heart rate was in the 150s. Breckin went with me to the appointment today and was so excited to hear his little sister's heartbeat.

Symptoms: I have been dealing with a lot of swelling. I am barely able to wear my wedding and engagement ring which are normally really loose on me and I have had to take the ring of my right hand. It often hurts to bend my toes. I have been drinking lots of water in order to combat it. I've been avoiding too much salt as well. I am still having a lot of BH contractions. I guess they will only get stronger and more frequent until I go into actual labor. I am extremely tired still. I am waiting for nesting to totally kick in so I can get a burst of energy. It's kicked in a little. Over the last few weeks I have been trying to figure out recipes to cook and freeze so we have lots of ready made meals after the baby comes. I am also trying to figure out what else we would need to stock up on (and where we would put it all) so I can avoid shopping with two children for a long time.

Cravings: I still crave avocados. I am really into the salty/sweet combo right now.

Birthday Prediction: April 23rd

Saturday, February 11, 2012

29 Weeks and 1 Day Pregnant!

What's going on with Baby B: She's been kicking me in my ribs. This is not something I ever experienced with Breckin. He was always so low but this little one is up high then down low. She is always moving around. I love to watch her moving in my belly... I wish I knew what I was looking at. One of the best new developments is that fact that she reacts to Breckin's voice when he talks up against the belly. It's amazing. I think she loves him already... but who wouldn't? He loves to lay with his hand on my stomach and feel her move. He is going to be such a wonderful brother.

Symptoms: My feet and hands are extremely swollen now. It hurts to bend my toes. The belly belt has been helping a little with the pressure, and belly and back pain but I can only wear it for about 4-6 hours at a time. After a while it starts to give me almost constant BH contractions and I have to take it off. I have also been wearing support hose. My shins still hurt but less than before so either the support hose are doing their job or the fact that I have been sitting more (A LOT MORE) is helping. Nothing seems to help with the stabbing pains I am having in my pelvis though. I am trying so hard to stay positive but I am so incredibly uncomfortable. I want to enjoy this pregnancy so badly but really I just want her here (not that I want her to premature). I have so many issues that I am "managing" right now... there isn't much time for anything else. I worry that my negative attitude is affecting her make-up somehow. I don't want her to be a sad, negative, moody child. I already love her so much... Why can't I just look past the aches, and pains, stress and just be happy? Not that I am never happy...

Cravings: Avocados... mmmmmmm. Sweets

Birthday Prediction: April 23rd

Sunday, February 5, 2012

28 Weeks and 2 Days Pregnant

9 weeks until the start of my maternity leave
12 weeks (but likely less) until she is here!!!

What's going on with Baby B: She has the hiccups ALL the time and she contorts my stomach into shapes that I didn't think were possible. She spends most of the evening entertaining Kevin and me with her movements and pokes. I wish I knew what position she was in so I had some sort of idea of what I was seeing. I asked the doctor if she could tell but she said it was still too early. My belly is measuring perfect which is such a relief! With Breckin at this point I was measuring between a 1 and half to two weeks ahead.

Symptoms: Stress at work, Kevin's late hours, having an extremely sweet but still tiring 2 year old, horrible shin pains, stabbing pains and pressure that I am not quite comfortable going into detail about, lots of Braxton Hicks, headaches, barely being able to keep my eyes open half the time and random parts of my body (including my face) going numb all has made this a rough two or so weeks. I really need an attitude change. I have been feeling very miserable and down. The weekends are wonderful but the weekdays are just so difficult. I spent 30 minutes crying to my doctor on Friday. I love her. She is so understanding.

Cravings: Sweets

Birthday Prediction: April 23rd